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One box of our organic purple potatoes (20lbs)


Our purple potatoes are specialty potatoes with black skin and deep purple flesh. They are relative small but the most nutritious of all potatoes!  They are packed with antioxidants and often have higher levels of vitamins and minerals than other varieties. They are also lower in calories, have a lower glycemic index, and have shown in multiple studies to have the potential to lower blood pressure. These potatoes have an earthy flavour, firm flesh, and can enhance any recipe.  They retain their color through cooking and are great for boiling, steaming and baking. Try chipping them for their bright purple colour.


After a few years of organic farming practice we have a great crop of potatoes this year. We will donate 50% of the proceeds to a local charity this fall to help kids in need!


Pay on line and get your fresh potatoes delivered to your front door within 72 hours (Calgary area only). Call for a shipping quote before you order if you live outside of our free delivery zone.

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